The symbol of Vegvisir is one of the oldest Viking symbols.

It is said to serve as a guide for anyone who wears it.

In fact, by using this symbol the one who is equipped with it can call upon the mystical force to guide him on the path of his destiny.

It is a compass made up of 8 branches, 4 of which indicate the cardinal points and the last 4 help to overcome different types of obstacles.

It is said that wearing this ring and being aware of its possibilities will allow you to face any kind of situation no matter what the circumstances.

On the sides of the ring are engraved two symbols:

-The Yggdrasil tree; symbol of absolute power and mystical knowledge.
-The triangle Valknut; these three interlocking triangles pointing upwards represent the journey of the fallen Viking warriors to Valhalla. The supreme honour of the Viking warriors.
"This is what Valknut is all about."

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Characteristics :

Stainless steel

Can go in the water